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  • John Lowrie Morrison — West to Argyll and the Hebrides

    29/03/2017 - 1 comment

    For lovers of colour, our new exhibItion is a must-see. The sheer energy that pulsates from John Lowrie Morrison's paintings is palpable.

  • The Cloud Pottery — inspired by the sea


    Juliet Macleod describes her work as ‘simply decorated wheel thrown pottery inspired by the sea’. We are delighted to be showing Juliet’s ceramics at Tolquhon for the first time.

  • Scottish Springtime

    15/03/2017 - 1 comment

    Bright and beautiful aptly describes our Spring Exhibition this year. Colour is bursting out all over. We did not specify a theme for the show but there are many spring paintings. Artists are naturally drawn to the vigour of spring, to new life, to spring flowers and fresh colour.

  • Picture hanging


    Hanging an exhibition is always rather daunting. Where do you start when faced with blank walls. Even after 30 years, it is a challenge. Solo exhibitions are easier as the various works of one artist will generally hang happily together. It is still important to hang them harmoniously but they are unlikely to jar, however they are hung.

  • Bird watching


    We are not twitchers, we don’t go hunting for rare white-billed divers or elusive eastern black redstarts to tick them off a list. The most exotic sighting we have probably made in Scotland was a hoopoe on the island of Iona about 30 years ago.

  • Painting of the week — Winter Swan ii


    Swans in winter have a unique appeal. Claire Harkess seems effortlessly to capture the beauty of her subjects, whether they be individual birds or animals or flocks of birds, groups of animals.

  • Alsager Pottery — Why I love slipware


    We met Anne Rodgers of Alsager Pottery at Scone Palace during the 2016 Potfest ceramics fair. Her stand displaying slipware stood out among many indifferent stands and we were delighted when she agreed to exhibit her pieces at Tolquhon.

  • Cheers!


    Cheers! Many a glass will have been raised over the past few weeks with perhaps a few sore heads resulting. Tim Cockburn brilliantly observes social gatherings and everyday events, especially Scottish ones boasting colourful kilts.

  • Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


    It is Christmas Eve, the turkey is chilling, the sprouts peeled, the pudding maturing and the fizz is on ice.  We are closed now for 2016 but looking forward to 2017.  Thank you to all who have supported us this year. 

  • Painting in the snow


    Like many other landscape painters, I love painting snow scenes, so the return of wintry weather every year is keenly anticipated as familiar landscapes are transformed by blizzard, storm and icy blast.