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  • Garry Harper — The First Steps of a Story

    6/09/2017 - 14 comments

    The gallery is populated by a cast of intriguing characters this month. Garry Harper has always been fascinated by film and the moving image and his love of film is apparent in much of his work as he creates paintings full of drama and light and shade.

  • Iceland Inspiration — Kathryn O'Kell


    I have long harboured a desire to visit Iceland, along with an awful lot of people it seems. That country seems to exert a strange pull from its' Northern latitudes. In early January this year I finally got to go, on an all too brief long-weekend trip to Reykjavik with my husband. It proved to be inspirational and has planted a seed which so far has grown into the exhibition of birds to be shown at The Tolquhon Gallery.

  • A Look at Aberdeen Railway Station

    26/07/2017 - 2 comments

    Publicly commissioned art is of variable quality; some of it is dubious and some is simply dire. Some of the worst examples seem to be in public projects where a specified percentage of the building costs must be spent on art.

  • Kitty Watt, printmaker — the art of aquatint etching


    Kitty Watt is a master of the art of aquatint etching. Here she explains the process. 

  • Summer Exhibition 2017


    Last summer we wrote that it was a strange summer, strange and unsettling…'with political turmoil, sporting upsets and economic uncertainty, it seems each day brings another shock.' Well, one year on, if anything, things are even more unsettled. 

  • Coastal capers


    I’ve always found the sea soothing and on those days when life becomes a little overwhelming, time spent watching or walking beside the vast, unrelenting swirl of salt water helps calm a busy mind.  

  • Illona Morrice — The making of a stoneware sculpture


    Making 'Penguins', a ceramic sculpture in my current exhibition, Southern Images. First you cut off a bit of clay and throw it onto a piece of plastic. 

  • Illona Morrice, sculptor — in conversation

    6/06/2017 - 3 comments

    I first began to make sculpture in my mother’s studio in Copenhagen. She was a potter and, to pass the time when I got home from school, I used to make little figures. I was around 14 or 15.

  • Sea and Shore


    Our latest exhibition is 'Sea and Shore', a feast of paintings for anyone who loves all things related to the sea and the coastline surrounding us. We are inland, so visitors are surprised when they can see the sea from the gallery grounds.

  • New arrivals — Ian Mastin and Barbara Robertson


    In addition to what you can see on the gallery walls, we always have a large body of work in stock so it is worth asking about an artist even if there is nothing of theirs on show.