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  • Sea and Shore

    24/05/2017 - 25 comments

    Our latest exhibition is 'Sea and Shore', a feast of paintings for anyone who loves all things related to the sea and the coastline surrounding us. We are inland, so visitors are surprised when they can see the sea from the gallery grounds.

  • New arrivals — Ian Mastin and Barbara Robertson


    In addition to what you can see on the gallery walls, we always have a large body of work in stock so it is worth asking about an artist even if there is nothing of theirs on show. 

  • Tuck in at the Murly Tuck


    We have a new option to suggest when people ask if we can recommend somewhere nearby for lunch or coffee. Just opened in the village is the Murly Tuck cafe. It is a community cafe, on the village square, at the heart of the village of Tarves. 

  • Painting of the Week — A Gigha Croftscape


    John Lowrie Morrison has a compulsion to paint, he is driven to paint, it is his reason for getting up in the morning. Gigha is a favourite island where he returns time after time.

  • Art classes at the Tolquhon Studio, Art on the Green


    "My weekly class makes me happy and is the highlight of my week". So says one of the students in the art classes we run. 

  • John Lowrie Morrison — West to Argyll and the Hebrides

    29/03/2017 - 1 comment

    For lovers of colour, our new exhibItion is a must-see. The sheer energy that pulsates from John Lowrie Morrison's paintings is palpable.

  • The Cloud Pottery — inspired by the sea


    Juliet Macleod describes her work as ‘simply decorated wheel thrown pottery inspired by the sea’. We are delighted to be showing Juliet’s ceramics at Tolquhon for the first time.

  • Scottish Springtime


    Bright and beautiful aptly describes our Spring Exhibition this year. Colour is bursting out all over. We did not specify a theme for the show but there are many spring paintings. Artists are naturally drawn to the vigour of spring, to new life, to spring flowers and fresh colour.

  • Picture hanging


    Hanging an exhibition is always rather daunting. Where do you start when faced with blank walls. Even after 30 years, it is a challenge. Solo exhibitions are easier as the various works of one artist will generally hang happily together. It is still important to hang them harmoniously but they are unlikely to jar, however they are hung.

  • Bird watching

    15/02/2017 - 6 comments

    We are not twitchers, we don’t go hunting for rare white-billed divers or elusive eastern black redstarts to tick them off a list. The most exotic sighting we have probably made in Scotland was a hoopoe on the island of Iona about 30 years ago.