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  • Gender equality in Scottish art


    The work of a woman artist is ‘like a man’s, only weaker and poorer’. So said Sir William Fettes Douglas, President of the Royal Scottish Academy, in 1885. This comment seems ludicrous today but it was very likely received wisdom at the time. 

  • Snowscape paintings

    17/01/2018 - 2 comments

    Snow seems to be the main topic of this week’s news. It brings misery to many but joy to others. 

  • Winter opening 2018


    We are open again after the festive period. It felt very festive this year as we had snow and ice for days, a real ‘winter wonderland’.

  • New arrivals — Kirstie Cohen and Lesley Mclaren


    We have had new work arriving throughout November and December, so our Christmas Exhibition has  been constantly changing. Freshly released from their bubble wrap are four wonderful new Kirstie Cohen paintings.

  • Christmas Exhibition 2017

    29/11/2017 - 1 comment

    Christmas is coming and our annual Christmas Exhibition is now well underway. Our very first exhibition at Tolquhon in 1987 was a Christmas Exhibition and we have held one every year since. 

  • Painting of the week — Autumn Colours


    We recently spent a few days in Sutherland where the autumn colours were breathtaking; on a still afternoon, the reflections off the lochs were mirror perfect. Storms had not yet stripped the trees of their leaves and the wooded glens were spectacular.

  • Amazing migrants


    It seems summer really is at an end. The first swallows are always a wonderful sight but the time has now come for them to leave. For the past few weeks they have been gathering on the telephone wires, twittering and chattering. 

  • Garry Harper — The First Steps of a Story


    The gallery is populated by a cast of intriguing characters this month. Garry Harper has always been fascinated by film and the moving image and his love of film is apparent in much of his work as he creates paintings full of drama and light and shade.

  • Iceland Inspiration — Kathryn O'Kell


    I have long harboured a desire to visit Iceland, along with an awful lot of people it seems. That country seems to exert a strange pull from its' Northern latitudes. In early January this year I finally got to go, on an all too brief long-weekend trip to Reykjavik with my husband. It proved to be inspirational and has planted a seed which so far has grown into the exhibition of birds to be shown at The Tolquhon Gallery.

  • A Look at Aberdeen Railway Station


    Publicly commissioned art is of variable quality; some of it is dubious and some is simply dire. Some of the worst examples seem to be in public projects where a specified percentage of the building costs must be spent on art.